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Results for 2000 Chevrolet Astro Van

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TAI - GMHK06 Part #: TAI - GMHK06
Placement Group: Front Door Kits
Placement: Front Door Driver Complete Kit (Repairs Upper & Lower Hinges)
Color options are not available
[!] This repair requires the following special tool
TAI - 21910
TAI - 21910 Door Spring Compression...more

TAI - GMHK06 Part #: TAI - GMHK06
Placement Group: Front Door Kits
Placement: Front Door Passenger Complete Kit (Repairs Upper & Lower Hinges)
Color options are not available
[!] This repair requires the following special tool
TAI - 21910
TAI - 21910 Door Spring Compression...more

TAI - GMHK19 Part #: TAI - GMHK19
Placement Group: Miscellaneous Kits
Placement: Rear Cargo Door Driver (Left) Complete Hinge Kit (Repairs Upper & Lower Hinges)
Color options are not available
TAI - GMHK19 Part #: TAI - GMHK19
Placement Group: Miscellaneous Kits
Placement: Rear Cargo Door Passenger (Right) Complete Hinge Kit (Repairs Upper & Lower Hinges)
Color options are not available

If the Hinge Repair Kit that you are looking for is not listed above, please fill out the form below, letting us know what you are looking for. We will immediately start looking into producing a Hinge Repair Kit for that application, if we do not already have one in development.


We are constantly developing new Hinge Repair Kits, please fill out and SUBMIT the form below. We research all requests promptly and could possibly already have the Hinge Repair Kit that you are looking for in development.
*The door(s) that I want the kit for the 2000 Chevrolet Astro Van are:
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Chevrolet 2000 Astro Van

Stock Photo of Chevrolet 2000 Astro Van

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What our customers are saying about our kits:

John; I would like to personally thank you and Total Automotive for your kind and generous donation of the hinge kits and pin removal tool. Total Automotive has been an innovator in the automotive industry and we are grateful to be able to use your products. The students have watched the instructor do pin replacements but have not tackled it themselves. I know the students will use the Total Automotive kits and tool and get the hang of it very quickly. I know the Total Automotive pin remover will be an asset to the Collision Technology program going forward. Hopefully the students can influence their employers in the shops to use Total Automotive products, try them and continue to use them, because of the experience they had using them at school. Again, on behalf of the students of the Medford Vocational Technical High School, Collision Technology Program....Thank you If it wasn't for companies likeTotal Automotive, schools like ours with limited budgets (ours was 2300.00 this year) wouldn't have the opportunity to use such tools. Thank you for thinking of us. Joseph Kinch
Medford Voc Tech High School
Auto Dynamics
The hinge kits work great! We've tried all the rest and these at least, last. We have installed 24 deluxe hinge kits. They are easy to install and great service. Thanks Guys
Pittam Body Shop Inc.
Glen, just wanted to thank you for the recommendation of the door hinge replacement kits. What a marvelous product. 44 minutes start to finish on the first set I installed. Of course the trick is the tool. Makes what is sometimes a real tough job, seam like child's play. Door hinges have always been a tough repair/replacement job. These products really are easy to install, and the door aligns perfectly.

Look forward to future use of your products.

Dave Beck
Retail Customer
Florence, AL
Total Automotive Inc
A couple of days ago I came across your website through Yahoo as I was searching for a hinge kit to repair the driver's door on my 2000 GMC Yukon XL. I watched your installation video and was really impressed with your product and how easy the installation appeared to be. I've done many repairs to various vehicles over the years and it's been my experience that most jobs that I tackled in order to save a few dollars ended up being major projects resulting in a great deal of frustration and skinned knuckles. This is why I was a little skeptical when I watched the video on your website and the hinge replacement looked too easy to be true. I decided to give the kit a try and through great customer service help which started with a message on my home answering machine from Derek offering order assistance and through the order process with Glen, I ordered the kits and received them the next day as promised. About 1 hour after receiving my kits the job was done and I was washing up, it took me longer to hang the door from my rafters than it did to install the kits. As I'm typing this, I still cannot believe how easy the entire job was! The video was very helpful and the kit made installation extremely easy. I am also thankful for the pin removal tool which helped the job go very smoothly.

Thanks so much for the GREAT product and customer service!

Jerry Peterson
Retail Customer
Minneapolis, MN
Total Automotive Inc
I got the hinge kit installed without a hitch. The door swings beautifully and no effort is needed to close it. The installation took about 20 minutes. I had my friend hold the door while I did the repair, it was faster than rigging a rope to hold the door. The hardest part of the repair was getting the brackets aligned for the bolts, my handy awl did the trick. It's tighter and lined up better than the $19 kits. With the design of y'alls bracket I expect less localized spot wear. You guys thread it all together!

Lee Hill
Hill's Service
Austin, TX

Total Automotive, Inc
I have to say I was not to sure what the out come was going to be after this install for the first time. But I have to say it was fantastic. It could not of been any easier to do and it worked like a champ. This is one easy solution to a big problem.
FWB, Inc.
Had door pins replaced on a 2004 chevy silvarado 2500 by a body shop. They used the GM kits with a retainer ring. Door still sagged and hinges were still loose after spending $ 200. I was very dissatisfied. Went on the internet and found Total Automotive Hinge kit. Talked with Ron and ended up ordering 2 sets for driver door. I installed them myself in less than 40 minutes. What a difference!! Door fits right, no sag in hinges, hinges are like new again. Will continue to use this product in our other vehicles. I even went to the body shop that replaced my hinges, and they were amazed at the system.. They told me that they did a lot of hinge pin work, and wanted the info about Total Automotive Kits. Vic - Colorado River Supply, Arizona
Colorado River Supply
Thank you for a great product. The GM C/K hinge deluxe hinge pin repair kit worked just as advertised. I changed out the old worn out pins and got the new ones installed in just a few minutes. Great stuff. Just a couple of suggestions: 1: Include a door sticker (like the old oil change ones) to let future repair shops know about the hinge pin kit installed and where to get replacement parts. And 2: A possible modification to the pin extractor tool, either increase the diameter of the thread slightly, or include a sized 'washer' that would fit over the pin and could be used to push out the old bushing either during or after the pin is pushed out.
Brown Engineering
I purchased the Deluxe painted hinge kit for my GMC Sierra pickup truck after i bought 2 other brands. This one is the best design I have ever used let alone seen for these style hinges. Very easy install. Once installed the door was nice and solid, no play up and down. I give this product an A++ Thanks Total Automotive. Chris
Christopher Rice
Whoever designed the CK deluxe kits deserves hugs and kisses from me. It saves hours of labor and believe me, we've used them all. The Ford / Lincoln kits, unbelievable. NO MORE DASH REMOVALS!! The tool is a must. Great Products T/A. We went thru 1st. order with great success and reordering as I write. Thanks T/A Doug
Dixon Autobody Clinic Inc.
I have installed many diffrent brands of hinge kits, and have had trouble 1 to 12 monts down the road. THESE ONE'S REALLY WORK! Andy / Custom Image Auto Body
Custom Image Auto Body
These hinge kits are the best. they save me time in the spray booth and they have a custom look. Nick
Cotes Collision & Customs
These new hinge kits are a much better and quiker fix than just using pins and bushings. The tool that TA sells is also a must. You will want to keep an extra set in stock. Thanks TA Gary Miller Millrods Auto
Millrods Auto Refinishing
I just performed a hinge kit replacment on an 04 Silverado from a local fleet company with new new kits from Total Automotive which made me a happy man, because I already performed this same job 2 other times on the same truck and same door using the OTHER guys repair kits. Each time truck came in the door was falling off due to the pins being sideways and the bushings worn out. While installing the new kits from Total Automotive, I could tell this was going to be the last time this door came in for a pin kit unless they tore it off. The kit made it so easy to do and it felt great to lift up on the door and it not move. PLEASE , If you are going to replace the hinge pins and bushings, don't waste your money and time on the other kits. Get the kits from Total Automotine. Thanks Guys, James Shell Shell's Auto Paintsville KY
Shell's Auto & Truck Repair
The tool works great. It saves time and there is no damage to the hinge. The kit saves a lot of time because you don't have to paint them. As a whole, it made the job a money maker without any problems with the pins. GREAT HINGES, FIXED THE PROBLEM. Wayne Schmit RNS SERVICE Orrville OH
RNS Service
I had previously replaced my Factory hinges with some new pins and bushings from one of those big box stores. They helped a bit but after they wore out i got fed up with it. I stepped up to the Total Automotive Deluxe Repair Kits and they're all I will use in the future and I will be recommending them to all my friends. These kits Rock!!!
Sports Unlimited
We had used some of the other hinge pin repair kits available for the newer GM hinges, but they did not offer a long time solution. I was reluctant to purchase these kits because they cost more then the others I had used. However, after having nothing but problems with the cheap kits I decided it was worth the money to try these complete kits.It only took one truck for me to realize that you can't compare apples to oranges. I just wish I had seen the big picture before wasting money and especially time on those brand XXX repair kits.
Bonanza Motors
We've been using these kits for over a year and no comebacks so far, great product and great service from Total Automotive
Lounsbury Chevrolet
A potential customer came in the shop 3-03-08 with a '03 GMC Yukon that had a problem with the left front door sealing aginst the body. Upon further investigation we found the wind had opened the door a little too far. With a little repair to the lt hinge pillar, the left frt door jamb and the help of a CK99UPKITL, we had the door closing and fitting just like a new one. The owner was very pleased and then told us the rest of the story. HE HAD BEEN TO THE GM DEALER WHERE HE BOUGHT THE YUKON FROM 3 TIMES WITH NO ANSWER TO THE DOOR PROBLEM!!! 3 TIMES TO NO SATISFACTION!! He had been told that "this is as good as it gets". Thanks to Total Automotive we now have a new customer.
Crossroads Collision
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